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Unicorns & Friends

Unicorns & Friends - Flip Flap Fun

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Unicorns & Friends Flip Flap Fun Book

The Flip Flap Fun series is an exciting way for children to develop their reading skills. Each page of these sturdy and colorful storybooks has lots of flaps. Your child reads the story and lifts the flaps to reveal fun surprises!

As the sun sets, the unicorns visit their special friends. Each magical creature is special in their own way! Flip the flaps to find them! Delilah loves when flickering fireflies come out to play! Want to snow a secret? It’s fun to catch snowflakes on your tongue! Pegasus flies to the end of the rainbow. Keep your eyes out for a pot of gold!

Dimensions: 10.25 " x 11.25 "

Page count: 10

ISBN: 2-7643-5722-2
ISBN13/EAN: 978-2-7643-5722-4

Age group: 3 years and up