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Luca Activity Book

Luca - Tattle Tales

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Tales to tell and tales to share! Tattle Tales includes a sturdy board book and 4 figurines.

Created for children ages three and above and filled with all of the classic Luca characters such as Luca Paguro, Alberto Scorfano, Ercole Visconti, Giulia Marcovaldo, and many more, this unique, exciting, and interactive book provides tons of fun and excitement. Make new memories today by adding a new childhood favorite to your little one’s library.

Dimensions: 6 1/4˝ x 1 1/4˝ x 8˝

Page count: 12

ISBN: 2-7643-5231-X
ISBN13/EAN: 978-2-7643-5231-1

Age group: 3 years and up

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