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Disney Encanto

Disney Encanto -

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Disney Encanto Puzzle Book

Explore the magical land of Encanto with Mirabel and the gang. The Disney Encanto Puzzle Book is the perfect activity for children three years old and up. It’s fun, engaging, and helps develop crucial cognitive skills.

Best of all, there are a total of five interactive Encanto puzzles that your children can put together so they can experience the adventure alongside their favorite Disney characters. Kids can use an image beneath each puzzle to guide themselves, and better understand the story that goes along with each scene.

The Encanto activity book will allow your children to push the limits of their creativity and problem-solving skills at work. Fuel your child’s imagination and get this book today!

Dimensions: 10 " x 10 "

Page count: 10

ISBN: 2-7643-5456-8
ISBN13/EAN: 978-2-7643-5456-8

Age group: 3 years and up

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